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MK3S+ Premium Clone 3D Printer, Fully Assembled In Texas & Ready To Print OOTB!!

Even though these are fully assembled printers, please only buy from us if your already experienced with maintaining and troubleshooting 3D printers. 
Our Target customer is someone who wants to add more very reliable yet reasonable 3D printers to their already existing collection.

While we will do our best to troubleshoot and help with any issues you may come across, this listing is only for a sale of an assembled 3D printer, not one that comes with after sales-support.
There is a huge community on reddit and tons of youtube videos on the MK3S Printers to help you through this journey :)

We run these printers 24/7, 365 days a year and have been doing that for over 3 years now. We decided to offer our services to the 3D printing Community by making available reasonably priced fully assembled MK3S+ Clones.

Each Printer is assembled by our experts using the best parts, We only use the best quality parts that we ourselves use like Noctua fans along with some other small changes, which increase the reliability of these printers!

Our clone MK3S+  prints and behaves exactly like the PRUSA MK3S+. The unit was built based on the open source instructions from Prusa Research and as such runs like the original. Newest firmware installed 3.11.0-4955.

  • Ready To Print OOTB ( Z-axis calibration will be required)
  • First Layer Height is already calibrated
  • Comes with Textured Steel Sheet
  • 3D printed Spool Holder
Here are the color choices available: 
-Copper (like in the pictures)
-Orange/Black (Prusa OEM C olors)
-All BLack
-Custom Colors*

*we can also do custom colors but it would just take longer to print those etc.

We went ahead and threw in some upgrades incase you ever decided to do high temp filaments and just more reliability. 

You can install these if you ever decide to print with high temp filaments like nylon etc.

Free Upgrades:

  1. Copper Plated Heater Block
  2. All Metal Titanium heat-break
  3. Hardened Steel nozzle
  4. Pick your Custom Colors for 3D printed parts (Standard  Color "prusa orange" are assembled and ready to ship quicker)
Let us know if you would like any other upgrades or changes made to your printer like! 

Add-on Upgrades:
  1. Raspberry Pi w/Octopi
  2. Quick Disconnects for Fans
  3. Quick Disconnects for Heater Cartridge & Thermistor
Feel Free to message us with questions, we reply within 24hrs and usually within hrs :)
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