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Workout Resistance Bands for Full Body Exercise - Assist Anti-snap Bands for Home or Gym


PREMIUM QUALITY  resistance bands are durable and built to last, they can be stretched repeatedly year after year and are made from natural latex material which is kind to the environment.

PORTABLE:  Tuck it into your luggage, briefcase, lunch bag, or purse and say hello to more efficient training!

VERSATILITY:  Whether you need assistance with your pull-ups or want to intensify your strength moves, your new resistance bands can get the job done! Other exercises include, but not limited to, warm up, muscle activation, yoga, mobility work, pull-ups, dead lifts/squats, boxing, high intensity training, and much more!

4 Different Resistances:
YELLOW  (5-15 lbs) 41 inches long x 0.30 inches wide
RED  (15-35 lbs) 41 inches long x 0.60 inches wide
BLACK  (25-65 lbs) 41 inches long x 0.90 inches wide
PURPLE  (35-85 lbs) 41 inches long x 1.26 inches wide

Select one or multiple bands appropriate for your fitness journey! 

**60 day warranty, free replacement for an damages that may occur such as a tear. 

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