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12" Magnetic Rail For Milwaukee Packout

We designed these magnetic rails to hold our tools while working a job/project! It's easy to install and a great way to organize and have tools within reach.
  • Strong magnets (neodymium): Up to 20-lb per inch pull force rating
  • efficient way to keep your often-used tools at hand
  • Magnetic rail has a carbon steel frame
  • Compatible with all Milwaukee Packout boxes
  • Comes with 2 end brackets** and a 12 inch Magnetic rail.
  • Mounts easily without hardware*


  • 1 pair of rail bracket holders
  • 1 magnetic rail (12in)

How to install:

  1. Remove Milwaukee guide rod screw from the top, and pull rods down (no need to fully remove)

  2. install the magnetic rail between both brackets, and install them into your Milwaukee Packout kit.

  3. Push the rods up and secure them by screwing them back.

Please note:tools in picture not included.

* You can add a self-tapping screw if needed but not necessary 

** End Brackets are made using 3D printers. they may have slight cosmetic blemish or defects. this is due to the way they are made but does not affect the quality or longevity of the item. 

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