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45 Degree GPU Mount For Mining Rigs - Middles


What these are great for!

1. These can be used to space out the existing configuration, creating better pathway for air to move, resulting in better cooling (approx. 3-5 degree drop in temps)

2. if you already have great cooling in your data center/mining room etc.. then you can use these mounts to add a 7th gpu to your 6 gpu frames.

 What's included:

07 Pack: 7x 45 degree angled GPU mounts (middle)
14 Pack: 14x 45 degree angled GPU mounts (middle)

All of the above comes with:


*These Mounts will have inserts to attach zip-ties to them and secure them to the frame, you can also use double sided tape to secure them.

Please let us know if you have questions or need a Custom Pack!

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