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45 Degree + Extra GPU Addon Mount For Mining Rigs

45 Degree + Extra GPU Addon Mount For Mining Rigs

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These 45 Degree GPU Mounts will solve a couple of issues some miners might be having with their operations.

1. These can be used to space out the existing configuration, creating better pathway for air to move, resulting in better cooling (approx. 3-5 degree drop in temps)
2. if you already have great cooling in your data center/mining room etc.. then you can use these mounts to add a 7th gpu to your 6 gpu frames.

What's Included: Based on which set you buy, you will get the following.

08 Pack: 2x End Caps (Flat) & 6 Middle 45 Degree Mount
10 Pack: 2x End Caps (Flat) & 8 Middle 45 Degree Mount
14 Pack: 2x End Caps (Flat) & 10 Middle 45 Degree Mount

ALL of the Above Comes with:
Zip-Ties and Double Sided Tape
*These Mounts will have inserts to attach zip-ties to them and secure them to the frame, you can also use double sided tape to secure them.

Please let us know if you have questions or need a Custom Pack!
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