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6" Port Magnetic Dust Collector System 10PC Starter Kit - Quick Disconnect

6" Port Magnetic Dust Collector System 10PC Starter Kit - Quick Disconnect

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Product Description:

Swapping your dust collectors hose between machines made quick and simple using our 10 Piece Dust collection Start Kit. We designed these 6 inch Duct/Port Connectors for a simple but effective solution to dust collection in your workshop without breaking the bank!

How Does This Work?

  1. Attach 1x of the Magnetic Duct/Port Connectors to the end of your dust collectors hose & secure with clamp
  2. Attach the 2x Magnetic Duct/Port Connectors with the short duct hose to two separate machines you want to collect dust from & secure with clamp
  3. Attach the dust collectors hose end (now which has the Magnetic Duct/Port Connectors) to whichever machine you need to use.
  4. Start the machines and get to work :)


  • 6inch Magnetic Duct/Port Connector (6"OD)
  • Neodymium (n52) Industrial magnets embedded into each Duct/Port Connector
  • Self aligning connectors for quick and easy connections
  • Designed and Made in USA
  • 10pc Starter Kit has everything to connect 1 dust collector to 2 tools/machines
  • Demo Video


  • 3x - 6" (6"OD, 5.86" ID) Magnetic Duct/Port Connectors w/ Neodymium (n42) Industrial magnets
  • 2x - short sections of 6" Clear Dust collector hose so you can attach to the 6" port on your tool/Machines
  • 5x - 6" Stainless Steel finger tightening hose clamps

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