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Dometic Refrigerator Airing Device Card | Camper Accessories

Dometic Refrigerator Airing Device Card | Camper Accessories

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These work great with most Dometic models (DM26XX, and DM28XX 6-8 cu ft fridges)
if your not sure, please send us a message with your model number and we can verify for you!
Provide a secure hold for your RV fridge doors. If you are new to the RV way of life, you may have tried several things to keep your fridge or freezer door ajar while in storage. And predictably, most of them failed with you realizing the error too late. No matter how dry or clean the fridge or freezer was when you turned it off or placed in storage, moisture can still buildup, causing a buildup of moisture that can stink up your fridge – stink that's just difficult to remove. These airing cards will effectively prevent this by keeping your refrigerator ajar - indefinitely!



  • 2 Airing Cards


How to install the fridge door airing card:

  • Position the card sideways. Slide the device's tab/strip into a slot behind the fridge handle's push latch. Close the refrigerator door. The card should slide in easily and you will hear a click to signify that the card now latches on your fridge's door frame, acting as an extension of the original latch. Please avoid the airing cards/devices while your RV is moving or while the fridge is still in use. To unlatch the airing cards, you' Il need to first press the middle of the card. The latch will easily disengage. You can then open the door and remove the airing card
Please note: Colors can vary. We have black, grey, white, yellow or red. Please leave us a message during checkout if you would like a certain color.
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