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Faceplate For Ubiquiti Unifi G4 Doorbell Pro

Faceplate For Ubiquiti Unifi G4 Doorbell Pro

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This 3D printed faceplate is designed to cover existing holes left from a previous doorbell on the Ubiquiti Unifi G4 Doorbell Pro. Its precision fit and sleek design ensures your doorbell looks clean, uniform and professional. All the features of the G4 Doorbell Pro are safe, intact, and accessible.

Important update: It looks like Unifi has changed the spacing for the backplate screw holes. the spacing for this version is approx 90mm/3.5in center to center. 


  • This faceplate bracket will hide the holes from your old doorbell.
  • Custom 3D printed design and proudly made in the USA!
  • Sturdy material, that will last.
  • Made with PLA(plastic).
  • Choose from three colors!


  • 1x G4 Doorbell Pro* Camera Faceplate (This will only work for the PRO model)

Dimensions of the whole item:

  • Length 6in x Width 3.5in x Height 1/8 in
    screw hole spacing: 90mm/3.5in


Our listing for the standard G4 Doorbell Faceplate click Here

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