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Logitech Driving Force GT Clamp Bolt Screw Set

Logitech Driving Force GT Clamp Bolt Screw Set

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3D printed STRONG Reinforced CLAMPS FOR Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920, or Driving Force GT Steering wheel.

With many of the original clamps failing, we have made replacements with more inner filling (20% infill to get best support and longer lasting clamps)

these are much more durable than the originals. 

What's Included:

Option 1:
You can either buy 1 (ONE) Clamp (only clamp is included in this option)

Option 2:
or you can get a Full Set (Full set will have the clamp, the spacer and the screw)

Printed in high quality PLA.

* We only have BLACK in stock *
Helpful Hints:

1. leave a little gap between the clamps and the table where the clamp curves ( this will help with even distribution of stress)

2. On slick  Flat surfaces like glass, no matter how tight you clamp it down, the whole thing will move. so best to use something like folded paper or similar item to wedge between the clamp and surface to produce some friction and give something for the clamps to grip on.

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