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Magnetic Duct Dust Port Clamp On Body

Magnetic Duct Dust Port Clamp On Body

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Ditch the Wrench, Embrace the Magnets: Introducing the Easiest Way to Swap Dust Hoses

Forget fumbling with wrenches and struggling to reach awkward clamps! Our magnetic duct port clamps are here to revolutionize your dust collection routine. These innovative adapters simply snap onto existing ports, transforming your machines into Magduct-ready powerhouses in seconds.

Effortless Switching, Maximum Grip:

  • Super-powered magnets: Each clamp boasts 12 industrial-grade N52 magnets, providing unmatched holding strength that keeps hoses secure even under heavy suction.
  • No drilling required: Ditch the power tools! Pre-installed hardware lets you tighten the clamps effortlessly, saving you time and hassle.
  • Made in the USA: We take pride in crafting our products with top-quality materials and American craftsmanship.

One Clamp, Endless Possibilities:

  • Available in 2.5", 4", and 6" sizes: Find the perfect fit for your workshop tools.
  • Works with our entire Magduct line: Seamlessly connect to a wide range of adapters, hoses, and accessories for a fully customizable dust collection system.

Upgrade your workshop experience with the power of magnets. Order your Magduct port clamps today and say goodbye to hose-swapping struggles!

P.S. Don't forget to check out our full line of Magduct products to build the dust collection system of your dreams!

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