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Marlin Recoil Buffer (3x pack)

3D printed Recoil Buffer substitute works with most Marlin model like the 60, 70, 70P, 795, 75, 99 .22 & others..

Made specifically for Marlin/Glenfield Rifles made After/Post to 1981. They use a Larger 0.155mm pin to hold the buffer in place. If your rifle is before/Pre 1981, you can find the correct buffer   here

Printed with    TPU  with 20% infill to give it strength. TPU will also Last much longer than PLA in this use case!

If you are doubtful if this will work for you, please send us a message and we’d be happy to check for you!


  • 3x of New Style Recoil Buffer for Marlin 60, 70, 70P, 795, 75, 99 .22 And others!
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