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Milwaukee Packout Rail Bracket Adapter

Secure your (11in) metal rail on your Milwaukee Packout with these sturdy holders! Proudly made in the USA using durable PETG for long-lasting use.


  • 1 pair of rail bracket holder (will fit an 11in metal rail) (metal rail is not included)

How to install:

1. Remove Milwaukee guide rod screw, and pull rods down (no need to fully remove)

2. Each 3D printed bracket (aluminum bar slot is 30MM) when measuring for the cut.

3. Install 1 bracket.

4. Slide aluminum bar into the other bracket (thats not yet installed.)

5. The aluminum bar will extend past your other bracket, when you install make a mark on the aluminum bar where the bar meets the front part of the 3D part.

6. Measure approx. 25MM PAST your mark (the 5MM difference is a buffer.)

7. Square a straight line, and cut the bar.

8. Remove your installed bracket, install aluminum between both brackets, and reinstall into your Milwaukee Packout kit.

Lifetime guarantee! If you break it, send us a picture and we will replace it.

*Milwaukee Packout and Metal Rail is not included, just shown as an example

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