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Wall Mount for Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine & Dream Router

Wall Mount for Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine & Dream Router

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This 3D printed wall mount for the Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine and Dream Router offers a practical and visually pleasing solution for securely mounting your networking equipment on a wall, providing stability, protection, and ease of access.


  • The wall mount is made of durable, high-quality plastic, offering strength and longevity. It features pre-drilled holes. You can easily attach the mount to the desired location using screws or other appropriate fasteners like double-sided tape.
  • Once mounted, the wall mount securely holds your UniFi Dream Machine or Dream Router in place, keeping it elevated off the floor and away from potential hazards. This not only helps to optimize wireless coverage but also protects your valuable networking equipment from accidental damage or interference.
  • The design of the wall mount takes into consideration the ventilation needs of the UniFi devices, allowing for proper airflow to prevent overheating.


  • (1x) Wall mount for UniFi Dream Machine & Router


  • Size of the space for the UniFi machine & router: L4.34in x W4.34in x H1.56in
  • Size of the whole wall mount: L4.71in x W4.75in x H3.38in

Please note: Hardware & UniFi proudcts are not included

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