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Wall Control Pegboard & Mounting Brackets For Milwaukee Packout

Kai's Wall Control Pegboard & Mounting Brackets for Milwaukee Packout are designed with precision for an optimal fit. These brackets simplify the process of securely attaching Wall Control pegboards to the Milwaukee Packout, offering users a reliable and efficient way to maximize their workspace. With superior stability, safety, and convenience, you can trust these mounting brackets to take your setup to the next level.

Peg Board Specs: 

  • Dimensions: 16 Inch Wide by 2.5 Inch High pegboard strip
  • Hook Spacing: conventional 1/4 Inch pegboard hooks

What's Included:

  • 1x Set of 3D printed Brackets (Black)
  • 1x Set of 3D printed End Caps (Black)
  • 1x Wall Control Pegboard (16in x 2.5in)
  • Screws and Hardware required to install is included.

Please Note: The printed parts are supplied in black. Our photos show the color red, but we are currently only carrying black. 

Kai's Design is available here

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